Vanuatu Red Cross begins distribution of relief items in Santo

The Red Cross Society in Vanuatu began distributing their relief assistance to 132 households in Banban whitewood of South East Santo Wednesday.

The families received items such as tarpaulins, hygiene kits, blankets, kitchen set, sleeping mats, jerry cans, shelter tool kit and mosquito nets. 

These relief items were donated by International Federation Red Cross IFRC, New Zealand Red Cross, Australian Red Cross.

The Red Cross staff and volunteers were mobilized immediately to support affected communities identified by NDMO for Red Cross to respond.

Field Team Leader Jelson Naparau and Logistic Support Officer Henry Jackson teamed up with 10 trained Emergency response team volunteers that have been working tirelessly to unload non-food Items from the vessel, loaded to land transport to be stored in a safe place.

Activities such as assessments were done in central 1, central 2.

A team was deployed to South Pentecost for assessment before distribution began.

In the meantime, as part of emergency response, there are other activities like hygiene health promotion awareness that are being conducted to teach and remind people about clean hygiene, promoting good health.


Josephine Navula