Vanuatu Red Cross conducts baseline survey on Maewo

Vanuatu Red Cross Society (VRCS), in partnership with the National Disaster Management Office and CARE International, has conducted an evacuation centre baseline survey on the island of Maewo.

The VRCS through its established provincial branch in Penama Province deployed nine of its volunteers to participate in the survey that was conducted from 8 to 12, October 2018.

Divided into the teams, VRCS volunteers took charge of each of the teams and were supported and supervised by National Disaster Management Office officers, International Organization of Migration (IOM) volunteers, Public Works Department officers and CARE International.

Teams completed the survey in each village from the north to the south of Maewo, by assessing buildings that people in the communities normally use as safe centers during cyclones.

“In this shelter baseline survey, we spoke to chiefs, church leaders, building owners, school council or principals, to ask permission if we can assess their buildings.”

“We collected information on the ownership of the building, we assessed the condition of the roofs, windows, doors and the dimensions of the buildings as well. With all the information collected, we assessed the capacity of the centers against the number of Maewo natives and the Ambae evacuees who are living in the respective villages “said Allan Tari, VRCS Volunteer Team Leader.

The information collected through this survey will be used by CARE International as part of its technical assessment of shelter on the island in preparation for the upcoming cyclone season.

“I am so grateful to be part of this digital survey, because it is a more effective method rather than fill up a survey sheet or form that we usually do in the past.”

“Using this modern technology, gives me broader idea on how a digital survey is conducted, it improves my skills, gives me a new experience and also it builds new partnerships with other partners and organizations” said Mr Tari.


Photo supplied. Caption: Temporary shelters on Maewo Island



Tensly Sumbe
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