Vanuatu Red Cross conducts disaster preparedness training for villagers

Six communities on western Ambrym Island attended a training exercise on cyclone preparedness that was facilitated by Vanuatu Red Cross.

The training that was funded by Japan’s Meiji Jingu Worshippers targeted the project sites of Sulol, Fali, Wuror, Polianpal, Malver, and Lele villages.

The purpose of the training is to help educate communities to understand cyclone warnings, when and how to react in real time situation.

Those who are involved in the training are the Community Disaster Climate Change Committee, CDCCC, who are also Red Cross Volunteers.

“We taught them what exactly their responsibilities are in the communities, when there is a cyclone in the country. They need to know what to do within their communities when National Disaster Management Office issues colour alert Blue, Yellow, and Red. There are different steps they must follow to make sure that all community members, men women, children including people with disability are safe and secured” explained Disaster Risk Reduction Support Officer Nicholson Naki.

Mr Naki said such training is important for all community members; particularly Disaster committees on islands to attend and learn about different steps to follow to make sure members in the community are safe during disasters.

Over 40 CDCCC members have been shown how to fill up Disaster Needs Assessment Form, Distribution Form, as well as complete a Situation report in case of a disaster.

“We allocate a day during the training week for a simulation exercise at each community, where CDCCC’s put into practice what they learned.

This exercise is for them and their communities to see and know how to behave in real time situations, also, part of this training, the CDCCC members learn how to respond with First Aid when they come across an incident such as drowning, as many of them are living in coastal areas” stated Naki .


Photo supplied Caption: locals learning how to fill the disaster form



Tensly Sumbe