Vanuatu Seasonal Workers required to be fully vaccinated

Beginning in January next year seasonal workers will be required to be fully vaccinated against coronavirus before departing Vanuatu for New Zealand.

Commissioner of Labour, Murielle Meltenoven said ,“If any Ni-Vanuatu chooses to apply to join an Australia or NZ labour mobility scheme, they have the responsibility to ensure they are fully vaccinated to protect themselves, their families and communities here, and the communities they join abroad.”

“There is a transition time period in which seasonal workers will be allowed to depart if they received only one vaccine.”

“This is to enable seasonal workers who may not have time to receive both vaccinations, to still be able to travel to New Zealand or Australia in 2022.”

The full vaccination requirement prior to departure is also applicable for people who choose the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine.

Individuals who are not fully vaccinated cannot travel to be part of the labour mobility programme.

Meltenoven stated that the directives are subject to amendments should there is any changes in the vaccination policy of the Governments of Vanuatu, Australia and New Zealand.