Wanfuteng Bank donates bench to Vila Central Hospital

Wanfuteng Bank based in Port Vila has donated a metal bench to Vila Central Hospital’s laboratory team.

The bank presented the bench in acknowledgment of the hospital team’s work in monitoring Covid-19 border cases in addition to the already existing demand of day-to-day patients. 

"A metal bench may seem insignificant; but when you are unwell and waiting on test results, it provides a space to sit comfortably and wait. This hopefully will also create a more relaxed environment for the team," said Wilmaraia Vocor, Wanfuteng Bank’s General Manager.

During the pandemic, the hospital lab team worked behind the scenes to administer PCR tests ensuring the safety of the community.

"We are delighted to donate this bench as a token of our gratitude to this extraordinary team, having personally experienced their services,” said Wanfuteng CEO, Catherine Le Bourgeois.

The metal bench was installed on Friday.


Photo supplied Caption: Wanfuteng GM, Wimaraia Vocor donates the metal bench to Vila Central Hospital’s laboratory Team


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