Youth volunteers help distribute relief supplies in Tanna

Seventy youth volunteers have helped the National Disaster Management Office distribute relief supplies on Tanna in Vanuatu

The group distributed 252 bales of rice, 250 bundles of island cabbages and 100 bundles of mature coconut fruits.

The produce was to families in the North West of Tanna who were affected by a drought last year.

The Tafea Provincial Government bought the relief supplies.

Tafea Provincial Government’s Secretary General, Joe Iautim, who is also Controller of the EOC for Tafea, thanked all the youth volunteers for their valuable service to the province over the last two weeks.

Mr Iautim told the volunteers that this was the first push of relief supplies but their service would be needed in future distributions.

The volunteers were given Vt400,000 as a token of appreciation by the Department of Youth Development and Training.