Kava census for Vanuatu’s South West Bay farmers

A group of kava farmers in Vanuatu will conduct a census that will help boost the industry.

The members of South West Bay Farmers Association (SWBFA) will collect information about the number of plants grown by their members from Lembinwen to South Coast on Malekula.

The main purpose of this kava data collection is to find out the total number of kava production in South West Bay.

Production data for kava is one of the activities resolved during the SWBFAs’ first meeting that took place in Lorlow village last week.

It was a first meeting to develop plans for 2019 that will be implemented by farmers in South West Bay.

The data and information collected about the production of kava will assist SWBFA and the Department of Agriculture to understand the total number of kava plants grown by members of SWBFA and work with Vanuatu Cooperative business network and relevant departments to market their kava.

Kava farmers have raised concerns with SWBKFA on available markets as they continue to increase kava production in their areas.


Photo supplied Caption: A kava farm on Malekula



Tensly Sumbe