Vanuatu Govt urged to review Daily Post work permit case

Dan McGarry has lived in Vanuatu for 14 years and has served as media director of the local paper for the last four.

Last week, Mr McGarry was informed by the Labour Commissioner that his application to renew his work permit had been rejected on the grounds that they were trying to encourage the localisation of his position.

But the locally-owned paper has hit out at the government's decision as an attack on media freedom.

Sports Minister congratulates Vanuatu Rowing champions

Rii and Teilemb took out 11th place in the A Final at the event.

Minister Tabisal was was honoured and happy to meet the sporting champions.

He was also surprised by the rowing facilities at the Port Vila Rowing Club stating that “this is unbelievable and a privilege for all those who have supported the development of rowing in Vanuatu through donations and sponsorship to have been a part of the journey to Rii’s and Teilembs success on the World Stage”.

Health authorities call for action to help protect Vanuatu communities from measles

People travelling have also been advised to be immunized before they depart Vanuatu.

The Ministry issued a statement as a precaution in response to a measles outbreak reported in some Pacific island countries.    

There are currently no cases of measles in Vanuatu.

However, the outbreaks in neighbouring Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and New Zealand pose a risk of the highly-contagious virus being introduced into Vanuatu.

The Ministry said all members of the public play an important role in helping ensure that measles is not brought to Vanuatu.

VAC to produce 23,000 Kava seedlings under agreement with MALFFB

The agreement was signed by the Director General for MALFFB, Moses Amos and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of VAC, Peter Napwatt, after the second kava forum recently on Santo.

Under the agreement, VAC is obliged to produce over 23,000 kava seedlings at a value of VT4 Million to supply to interested farmers. DARD will purchase kava seedlings at VT170 considering factors of production and the selling price to farmers will be VT50 per seedling.

Vanuatu Female Assistant Agriculture Officer ensures Extension Services reach North West Santo farmers

To ensure extension service are delivered to rural farmers, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) has employed over 30 Assistant Agriculture Officers (AAO) that are located through-out Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Public Service Commission to appeal court ruling on appointments

Mahe said PSC was not satisfied with the candidates recommended for the position therefore, it decided to choose Russel Tamata who was an eligible candidate for the position of Director Planning, Policy and Corporate Services.

The appointment of Director Tamata was done in good faith and for the betterment of the health sector in the country after we cannot find any suitable candidate in this post, he said.

The Chairman confirmed the recommended applicant for the position of Director Currative is Dr. Basil Leodoro and the eligible candidate is Dr. Santus Wari.

Vanuatu Government releases Debt Management Strategy 2019-2022

The strategy covering 2019 to 2022 follows the first one which was implemented from 2015 to 2018.

This second strategy provides updated figures of the current levels of debt and projections of the debt levels dependent on different situations for the next 20 years.

The strategy was approved by the Council of Ministers (COM) on the 18 September and was signed by the Minister for Finance and Economic Management, Gaetan Pikioune (MP) recently.

Provincial youth presidents meet Vanuatu Youth and Sports Minister

This was one of the very first opportunities for provincial youth presidents meet  with the Minister and discuss matters relating to young people and also set aside youth councils action agendas to achieve them.

“It’s time for youth talk and a meeting called by the Minister himself is a starter indication to get things positively working out for the council as well as also identify where youth development should be thriving towards in the coming years,” said Mr Ruben.

Torba receives coconut seeds under Vanuatu’s coconut replanting programme


The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development ‘s (DARD) Coconut Specialist based on Santo, Itlalio Bororoa, led a team of officers to engage in the distribution of seed nuts.

The varieties of coconut that are being distributed are Vanuatu Tall (VTT) with a total of 16,948 nuts, Brazil coconut 3,448 and 1,120 Africa coconut which total up to 21,508 nuts.

 Vanuatu Tall represents 79 % of the total distributed, 16 % for Brazilian Green Dwarf and 5 % of African Variety.

NSDP Alignment Workshop held in Vanuatu’s Penama Province

The workshop was led and facilitated by the Department of Strategic Planning, Policy & Aid Coordination (DSPPAC).

In his opening remarks the NSDP Alignment Team Leader, John Ezra, who is the Principal Policy Analyst at DSPPAC acknowledged the attendance of Secretary General of PENAMA Province, Area Administrators and Heads of Departments.

Mr. Ezra explained that the Priority Action Agenda (PAA) was developed to guide national development up until 2015, “and when the PAA ended the government had the mandate to develop another plan that would complement the PAA.”