Vanuatu continues push for quality standard for kava

Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa are working to adhere to an international food standard for their kava products.

The Codex Alimentarius Quality Standard is set by the World Health Organisation and the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation.

It sets guidelines on the safety, quality and fairness of food trade.

The Vanuatu scientist and kava expert Vincent Lebot said following the standard would protect the health reputation of kava.

He said bans on kava in Europe and Australia were due to misunderstandings on what it was and how it was used.

Adventist multipurpose building officially opened in Vanuatu

South Pacific Division president Glenn Townend officially opened the Epauto Adventist Multipurpose Centre on 2 November, 2018.

Towend was joined by the president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Trans-Pacific (TPUM) Maveni Kaufononga, Adventist Church in Vanuatu president Nos Terry Mailalong, and more than 3,000 church members.

The project, which was launched in August 2015 and completed at the end of 2017, is now the largest building in Vanuatu, and church leaders are hoping it eventually becomes a center of positive influence.

30km road on Vanuatu's Tanna completed

The road, and another on Malekula, was funded by a US$50 million loan from China's Exim bank in 2015.

It runs from the island's airport, through the main town Lenakel, as far as Greenpoint, replacing a rough dirt track with a two-lane sealed road.

The Daily Post reports the government is considering a second phase of the project.


Photo caption: The main road through Lenakel, the largest town on the Vanuatu island of Tanna in early 2016. The road has been replaced by a sealed highway, built by a Chinese firm


MSG support team to FLNKS wrap up visit on high note

The team led by MSG Director General, Ambassador Amena Yauvoli met Madame Caroline Machoro-Rennier, 1st Vice President of the New Caledonia Congress, and Mickael Forest, Permanent Secretary of FLNKS.

The Secretariat was tasked to assist the FLNKS in preparing for the 2018 Referendum in accordance with the mandate of MSG Leaders pursuant to the 2013 Noumea Declaration adopted in Noumea and the 2018 Action Plan of Support to FLNKS adopted by Leaders in February 2018 in Papua New Guinea,

‘Ademap kala’ kits arrived in Port Vila

“The kits will be used towards the goal of tackling the “double burden of disease” (stunting in children and obesity in adults) in Vanuatu by encouraging more nutritious foods in Pacific-appropriate portions for children, pregnant women and adults through simple but effective messaging”

‘Ademap Kala’ literally means adding color to a meal will increase its nutritional value for anyone, a message which is easily understood by young and old with any level of literacy.

3,000 Vanuatu villagers benefit from rainwater tanks

The project aims at improving water, sanitation and hygiene situation of communities in Vanuatu.

It started with phase 1 in 2016,on Tanna island where 10 communities benefited from the construction of rainwater harvesting systems, tap stands, water pumps and latrines depending on the community needs.

The second phase targeted the province of Sanma (Santo /Malo), specifically communities from East Santo: Waisale, Manioc, Sara 2, Loran; South Santo: Sarete area 2; Lijiwi at Fanafo, Windau and Vusvongo at Big Bay Bush, Wael buluk at Stone hill, Malokilikili on Malo island.

First vegetable harvest for Ambae victims on Maewo

Both Maewo islanders and evacuees from the Ambae volcanic eruptions are now benefitting from a mass planting made soon after the evacuees arrived on the island.

The first harvest and distribution of beans and cabbages to villages and settlements on the island has just taken place.

The Daily Post newspaper said Ambaeans especially see the greens as a great blessing after months of relying on noodles.


Photo file Ministry of Agriculture Vanuatu 


Vanuatu authorities find insects on ship

Biosecurity officials found beetles, moths and ants on board the New Guinea Chief.

None of the insects are currently found in Vanuatu.


Photo Facebook/Vanuatu Biosecurity Dept 



Vanuatu student on Australian scholarship commended for book publication

Jimmy Telstar’s Journey of Truth is a collection of poems demonstrating a ni-Vanuatu’s footprints among the musings of Oceania and Roselyn Maneipuri’s Classroom Game Activities, her fifth publication, is a guide for Solomon Islands teachers.

The duo were acknowledged by Christina Munzer, Counsellor Development Cooperation for Fiji and Tuvalu of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Suva at a recent end-of-award lunch held for AAPS students hosted by USP at the Laucala Campus.

Vanuatu police charge students over drugs and pornography

Eight students were among those charged for possessing marijuana and viewing pornography.

The students were caught in an empty house near their school.

A police statement said officers conducted a three-day ‘Operation Black Ice’ and arrested a total of 35 people.

The accused will appear in court on 5 December.

The operation was focused on eradicating marijuana and a total of 29 searches were conducted, including a vessel.

Thirteen young people were arrested at another empty house near Karri Shopping and Freswota 6 Hill for marijuana possession.