NZ partners with Pacific to combat Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle

The Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB) damages or kills coconut and oil palm trees, affecting the lives of people who depend on the industries for employment and income, as well as food and building materials.

If the beetle continues to spread it is estimated the Pacific could lose at least NZ$237 million per annum by 2040 as a result of damage to coconut trees alone.

New Zealand is contributing up to $18 million to support response efforts across the Pacific to reduce Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle populations and limit the spread of the beetle.

Kava forum to be held on Vanuatu’s Santo

The forum is hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity (MALFFB) through the DARD in collaboration with the Vanuatu Kava Industry Working Group (VKIWG), Pacific Horticulture and Agriculture Market Access (PHAMA Plus), Departments of Trade and Industry, Biosecurity and Vanuatu Cooperative Business Network (VCBN).

Vanuatu and Solomons raise Papua at UN rights council

The two governments made a statement which also noted that Indonesia had not yet given access to Papua for the UN Human Rights Commissioner.

The statement was delivered at the council's latest session by Sumbue Antas from Vanuatu's Permanent Mission to the UN.

It followed weeks of protests and related unrest in Papua which left at least ten people dead and dozens of Papuans arrested.

Custom landowners of Port Vila recognised

Vanuatu's Constitution says, "as of July 30 of 1980, all land is returned to the custom landowner".

However, since 1980, various governments had tried to compensate the surrounding communities of Port Vila for the land without identifying the genuine custom landowners.

Now under the new Land Act, the Village Land Tribunal has identified six custom landowners.

Promoting business capability in Vanuatu

The workshop is being hosted in partnership with Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).

A similar workshop will be held in Solomon Islands.

Acting Trade and Investment Commissioner Manuel Valdez says running a business requires many skills and much knowledge.

“These workshops are aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of business owners so they can be successful in their home nation – the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu – in the future export market,” Manuel says.

Vanuatu's Wan Smolbag welcomes director back

Peter Walker was attacked by three men at his home south of Port Vila earlier this month.

His cousin and her husband who had been visiting from New Zealand were also attacked.

The Daily Post reported all three were seriously wounded.

The motive for the attack is still not known but police investigations are continuing.



Vanuatu Cricket heads for World Cup Challenge in Malaysia

The team was in Brisbane, Australia this week for the first leg of their journey to Malaysia for the ICC Cricket World Cup Challenge League.

The ICC Cricket World Cup Challenge (CWCC) league is the inaugural replacement of the World Cricket League (WCL) and it will serve as the qualification pathway for the 2023 men’s cricket world cup.

The league is divided into two groups with Vanuatu falling into group A with the likes of Canada, Singapore, Denmark, Malaysia and Qatar.

Vanuatu Prime Minister signs final RTI Ministerial order

The final Order means members of the public may obtain information from all the government agencies that are mentioned in all the Three RTI Orders.

Public offices and relevant private entities to which the RTI Act No. 13 of 2016 applies to are: Ministry of Public Utilities and all Departments under its portfolio; Ministry of Youth Development and Sports and all Departments under its portfolio; the Public Service Office; State Law Office, Parliament House; Offices under the Judiciary Sector and all financial institutions that are wholly owned or in part by the Government.

Vanuatu school delivers mass suspensions for drinking

The school's principal, Shem Simon, told Buzz FM the incident took place on Saturday and reflected poorly on the college, with photos of the inebriated students flooding social media.

However, he underlined his main concern was the safety of the pupils.

Mr Simon said a number of them were repeat offenders who had just returned from suspension.

The principal said incidents like this were likely because of negative situations many students faced at home, where he said education started.

Pacific young people discuss natural disasters at Japan summit

The Pacific students are among 210 young people from 43 countries attending the summit along with over 200 Japanese youths.

Japan was hit with a deadly tsunami in March 2011 following a magnitude nine earthquake off the country's east coast.

At least 20,000 people died in the disaster.

Noriko Tanaka, from the Japanese Embassy in Wellington, said it was important for the youth to learn about tsunamis and share their knowledge with their communities when they return home.