Vanuatu PM responds to criticism of extended public holiday event

The independence celebrations begin next week.

Bob Loughman was responding to criticism from the leader of the opposition that extended public holidays were ill-advised during this time of economic downturn.

Mr Loughman says the holidays were recommended and approved during the previous government which the opposition leader was part of.

The 40th Anniversary Independence Celebrations' national co-ordinator Fred Samuel says the 100-million-vatu ($US865,856) budget for the event was also passed by the previous administration.

Vanuatu court issues search warrant for information about local company

Last year the ni-Vanuatu owned company was awarded a public contract to build the roads on Santo in the country's north.

However the Minister of Public Utilities, Jay Ngwele, has complained to police, alleging that the awarding of the contract did not follow proper procedure.

The warrant issued to police allows them to seize computers and mobile phones from suspects, and to collect data from Vanuatu's main telecommunications providers.

Most of the suspects in the alleged case are civil servants.

Vanuatu extends State of Emergency due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic

President Tallis Obed Moses approved the extension on the recommendation of the Council of Ministers.

Emergency provisions were enacted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and a category-five storm which devastated parts of the country in April.

According to the declaration, the SOE in relation to Tropical Cyclone Harold commenced on 11 July 2020 and ends on 9 August, 2020.

The extension of the SOE in relation to COVID-19 commenced 11 July 2020 and ends on 31 December 2020.

There are no cases of COVID-19 in Vanuatu.   


Vanuatu remains COVID-19 free

According to the Ministry of Health, 1,528 people arrived between 27 May and 23 June as Phase 1 of government-coordinated repatriations.

Most of the returning travelers are seasonal workers who were based in Australia and New Zealand.

A release from Len Tarivonda of the Health Incident Management Team said one person in quarantine displayed COVID-19 symptoms but was tested and was negative.

As of 8 July, all those quarantined have received health clearance and have been released.

5.1 earthquake hits north-west of Port Vila, Vanuatu

Xinhua reports the epicenter, with a depth of 10.0 km, was initially determined to be at 17.2821 degrees south latitude and 167.8058 degrees east longitude.   

The earthquake occured at 10.14am.


Vanuatu celebrates successful end to Phase 1 of Repatriation Plan

A total of 1,528 repatriates are now safely home with loved ones and Vanuatu remains COVID-19 free.

A press release said the success was due to strict travel and quarantine conditions imposed by NDMO and the Ministry of Health under the NDMO’s ‘Instrument of Directions to Government Agencies relating to COVID-19 and Tropical Cyclone Harold (Amendment) Order No. 77 of 2020’ dated 23 May, under the Disaster Risk Management Act.

7 days public holidays for Vanuatu’s 40th Independence Anniversary celebrations

Vanuatu National Youth Policy signals a new era in youth development

The signing of the policy signals a new era in youth development for Vanuatu and indicates a bright step ahead for our young people for the next 5 years and ahead.

 “I am very delighted to sign the national youth policy and I have seen the importance of our young people having a policy in place”, Minister Satearoto said after signing the policy.

“We are soon to commemorate our 40 years independence anniversary; therefore, I am grateful for every effort done to have a policy in place and in time”, he said.

Vanuatu’s PENAMA Province establishes poultry hatchery unit

The new development will support and strengthen the population’s livelihood as they recover from both disasters of the Lonbenben volcano and Tropical Cyclone Harold.

The unit now houses a new chicken egg incubator with a capacity of hatching 528 eggs per hatch, and a brooder house to raise chicks up to table and market size.

VSP Director Fremden Shadrack encouraged poultry producers throughout PENAMA to use this opportunity to rebuild their lives, especially to increase chicken and duck population to meet table and market demand within the province.

BRED Bank increases sponsorship level for Vanuatu’s ProMedical

BRED Bank has been a sponsor of ProMedical for the last two years.

BRED Bank’s Darryl Constantin and Alexandre Perret, presented ProMedical’s National Manager, Anthea Jones and Efate Station Manager, Judy Willie with a cheque for VT480,000 representing six months’ sponsorship.

ProMedical relies on sponsorship from the businesses community and ambulance subscriptions to continue providing 24-hour a day, 7 day a week, 365 day a year pre-hospital emergency services to the people of Vanuatu.