Vanuatu graduates out of LDC status

Vanuatu is among 46 Least Developed Countries to have graduated from the LDC category as of 4 December 2019.

Deputy Prime Minister, Jotham Napat said he would like to see that Vanuatu’s graduation must be with momentum, which ensures the continuation of the sustainable development process beyond the actual graduation.

Mr Napat made the comment at the 8th Ministerial Conference of the Least Developed Countries taking place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates last month.

“Vanuatu would strongly recommend that UNIDO Comprehensive Programme of Action from 2021-2030 should take into account the interest and specificities of countries earmark for graduation like Vanuatu.

“My delegation is looking forward for the comprehensive programme of Action for LDCs from 2021-2030 as we are embarking towards LDC5 in 2021.

The next Programme of Action should be action oriented instead of only adoption more recommendations but their implementation are not benefitting the LDCs structural and economic development, including industrialization.

“UNIDO’s Comprehensive Programme of Action for LDC must captured the challenges faced by the LDCs in terms of their industrial experiences as well as looking forward to see UNIDO’s full engagement in the December 2019 in New York High Level Midterm review on the implementation of the Istanbul Programme of Action.

“My delegation would like to encourage also UNIDO to fully participate and engage in the preparation of the LDC5 that will be held in Qatar 2021,” he emphasized.

Deputy Prime Minister said the Government of Vanuatu reiterates its commitment to UNIDO and commends the Director General for undertaking several reforms in the Organisation to ensure UNIDO remains central and relevant to its members.

“Vanuatu is a recipient of a Country Programme with UNIDO and has just completed its mid- term review and we are looking forward to explore the transition towards the Programme for Country Partnership (PCP), which will provide a strong and institutional platform to enhance and further reinforce both our relations but more so to effectively increase the role and visibility of UNIDO not only in Vanuatu but the rest of the Pacific region; as presently the latter's presence in our part of the world is not clear,” he added.

He highlighted that Vanuatu would like to closely and systematically engage with UNIDO as a follow up of a Vanuatu Council of Ministers Decision 251 on mobilising resources to develop and establish a Private Sector Infrastructure Financing Facility instrument under a Public Private Partnership PPP model. 

Photo supplied Caption: Vanuatu Deputy PM Jotham Napat, Chairing the informal negotiation on LDC Ministerial Draft Declaration.


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