GJP’s Warawara wins Malo/Aore by-election

Graon mo Jastis Pati (GJP) has tonight secured the vacant seat of Malo/Aore constituency in Vanuatu.

Candidate Uri Warawara was declared duly elected by the Electoral Commission chairman, Martine Tete, at about 6.30pm (local time) and his announcement was made in the northern town of Luganville.

Warawara’s successful result has proved he had maintained his support base as the runner up to the winning candidate of this year’s snap election, late Havo Moli, earlier this year.

His election will bring to a total of 8 members of the GJP in the current 11th legislature.

Warawara polled 669 votes from the 2,229 valid votes cast. He was ahead of independent candidate Bani Livo who got 476 votes followed by independent candidate, George Andre Wells (332), Moli Juri Havo (291), Nagriamel candidate Baniuri Makali (242), People’s Progressive Party candidate (183) and Independent Harold Worahere (56) votes.

MP-elect Warawara will be sworn in as a Member of Parliament when the legislative assembly next meets.

According to Mr Tete, any of the losing candidates wishing to lodge a complaint could file a petition with the Election Dispute Committee for hearing.






Harold Obed