Newcrest Lihir

Environmental dive team back in the water

The team is responsible for deploying and retrieving sediments tubes -that act as traps- fastened to coral reefs at locations all around Lihir operation and the surrounding islands.

These traps sit on the seabed and collect settling particles of sand, silt and other suspended solid material from the water column. The dive team removes the traps every three months and replaces them with new traps. They analyse contents of the old tubes at the site’s laboratory.

Anako 13 improves safety for geothermal technicians in Lihir

The TMU, christened Anako 13, has engineered out the risk of personnel exposure to geysering events.

Anako 13 allows Lihir’s geothermal technicians to remotely operate a mobile arm from the vehicle and lower or raise a probe safely and simultaneously in the measuring and recording of temperature, water level and depth. This is all done from the safety and comfort of the vehicle cabin.