NZ delivers Pacific’s largest cash transfer assistance in Vanuatu

New Zealand will be handing over one of the largest unconditional Cash Transfer Programmes in the Pacific to displaced Amabae volcano victims.

This will be their form of assistance in partnership with Oxfam Vanuatu to deliver to the affected families.

NZ has been confirmed following the signing of the funding agreement between their High Commissioner Jonathan Schwass and Oxfam Director Elizabeth Faerua.

Households will be able spend the money they receive on whatever they need most, be it food, soap, shelter materials, garden tools or school fees.

Schwas said the approach recognises the fact that needs vary from household to household, and everyone’s path to recovery from the shock of displacement will be different.

“New Zealand is pleased to be supporting this innovative approach to humanitarian assistance.

Although there is plenty of international evidence supporting Cash Transfer Programming globally, the approach has not been widely used in Pacific Islands Countries before,” he said.

The Cash Transfer Programme will provide flexible financial assistance to every displaced Ambae household for up to three months.


Tensly Sumbe