Over 7000 hybrid kumala vines distributed to Vanuatu farmers

A total of 7,351 hybrid kumala vines have been distributed to farmers at a field day at Tagabe Agriculture Training Centre, Port Vila in Vanuatu.

The kumala varieties are high yielding, early maturity, climate resilient and pest/disease resistant.

The field day provided farmers the opportunity to pick up hybrid kumala vines and manioc branches in line with the Government’s policy to achieve food security first followed by improving their livelihoods.

All the hybrid types of kumala are local and mature in three months and can also grow in home plots.

Farmers and other participants were able to ask questions and hear the right answers from the crop experts.

The theme for the field day is “Eat local and think global”.

People can visit the Tagabe Agriculture Department this week to collect their hybrid kumala vines.

Another field day will be held at the end of July to distribute hybrid cassava cuttings.


Photos by DARD