Vanuatu women sports journos ready to make history

Vanuatu women sports journalists, Adele Willie and Jennesa Moli are keen to make history.

The duo will be the first women to commentate the Oceania Football Confederation Women’s Nations Cup final in the Bislama language live on Sunday.

Willie says the opportunity to commentate will surely open a lot of doors for women back in Vanuatu.

“We don’t have any female commentators back home. And even the male commentators only broadcast only the local games and we get the international commentators for international matches.”

“And as a woman to be given the opportunity to broadcast an international match is an accomplishment itself,” Willie said.

Moli, 26, said it is another step up for her career.

“To be honest am a bit scared, but well of course now I feel positive because I will be commentating in my national language.”

“So that gives me a strong motivation and courage since it will be my first time going out live,” she said.

Another team member, Lavenia Yalovi said commentating is like story telling.

“The beauty of being the commentator is, we have to be able to describe the game and its atmosphere to viewers and listeners who aren’t able to make it to the venue,” she said.

Four women sports journalists are part of a Women in News and Sports project that is fully funded by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


Photo Loop Vanuatu.     

Josephine Navula
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