TAFEA women form new association to strengthen partnerships and build communities

Women from TAFEA living in Port Vila have united to establish the TAFEA Women’s Network (TWN) Association.

The charitable organisation aims to among other things promote networking of women to make a difference in their communities.

The association was officially launched by the First Lady Madam Estella Tallis

In Port Vila last month.

About 60 women from networks in Erromango, Aniwa, Tanna, Futuna and Aneityum also attended the launch.

The President of TWN, Jennifer Kausei said, “The network will work in partnership with other TAFEA organisations or women networks who share a similar goal which is to assist and develop our communities of TAFEA or wherever we are. There are TAFEA women or community associations within and outside TAFEA and we respect that. We hope to build partnership with them and work in collaboration because when we improve the livelihood of our women and children, we are empowering and assisting families, communities, island and Province at large. The plan is to establish and strengthen the network in Port Vila before it could expand to TAFEA province and other provinces,” said Kausei.


Photo supplied Caption: Vanuatu’s First Lady Madam Estelle Tallis and other guests at the launch of TAFEA Women’s Network (TWN) Association.


Tensly Sumbe