Vanuatu’s WSB SHEFA Basketball league to feature five games today

The Men’s category has 8 teams and are competing in a Double knockout tournament while the women with 5 teams.

The first game will begin at 3.30pm.

Today’s fixtures;

3:30pm women Mix Stars will take on Tupuji

4:30pm men Tupuji will take on VMF

5:30pm men Legends will take on Port Vila United

6:30pm men Siaraga will take on Eden

7:30pm men VNC will take on Ginias.


A former Vanuatu PM testifies in Salwai trial

Charlot Salwai is facing trial on perjury, bribery and corruption charges after being accused of misinforming the country that he had government support to appoint parliamentary secretaries in 2016.

The then opposition leader and now deputy prime minister, Ishmael Toroama, had brought the complaint that led to the charges.

He was aggrieved that, in 2016, Mr Salwai managed to avoid a no confidence vote by appointing the parliamentary secretaries.

Vanuatu’s Covid-19 case unlikely to transmit to anyone

According to a statement, lab evaluations of samples in Vanuatu and Australia to date indicate a very low level of virus meaning that it is unlikely the case would have been able to transmit the disease.

A 23-year-old man repatriated from the US is Vanuatu’s first confirmed Covid-19 case.

The case identified during routine day 5 testing with a re-testing to confirm.

The man remains in isolation at Vila Central Hospital.

A total of 2290 passengers have arrived in Vanuatu since repatriation flights began on 1 August.

Vanuatu farmers to export root crops to New Zealand

A farmer from Epule was the first to receive payment for contribution towards 12 tons of cassava and six tons of taro to New Zealand.

It was an historical event for the farmer who has traditionally relied on sales at the Port Vila municipality market

The export was made possible by the National Export Development programme with the full support of the Government.


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Vanuatu Court told Parl Secs first appointed 13 years ago

Mr Salwai is being tried on corruption, bribery and perjury charges.

This comes after Mr Kalsakau had made a criminal complaint, contesting Mr Salwai's assertion that his appointment of parliamentary secretaries in 2016 was approved by his cabinet.

As the first witness in the Supreme Court trial in Port Vila, on Wednesday, Mr Kalsakau repeated that claim.

On Thursday he told the court that parliamentary secretaries had, in fact, been introduced in 2007 by the Sato Kilman government, of which Mr Kalsakau was a member.

Vanuatu launches toll-free line to help tackle gender-based violence

Representatives from the Vanuatu Women’s Centre joined it's partners, donors, stakeholders, Government Officials, diplomatic corp, civil society groups and the public in the march.

The highlight of the programme was the official launching of a toll free line : 161 , by the Director of Justice and Community Services, Dorosday Kenneth Watson.

Kalsakau tells Vanuatu Court former PM's statement was wrong

Charlot Salwai is facing charges of corruption, bribery and perjury.

It was Deputy Prime Minister, Ishmael Kalsakau, whose complaint led to the trial, who was the first prosecution witness.

Kalsakau told the court a declaration made by Salwai about the appointment of parliamentary secretaries was incorrect.

He claimed a statement made by Salwai, saying his Council of Ministers had approved the roles and appointments of parliamentary secretaries, was wrong.

Last year the Appeal Court ruled the government couldn't create the parliamentary secretary positions.

Vanuatu to mark new developing status with festivities

The Council of Minister has approved $US324,000 for a two day nation-wide celebration.

The National Events Co-ordinator, Fred Samuel, said events would be held in Port Vila, Luganville, and all provincial capitals on 3 and 4 December.

The Daily Post Newspaper reported each centre would be allocated money for the festivities, which would include cultural activities, made-in Vanuatu displays and more.

Govt ministers to take stand in trial of former Vanuatu PM

The Speaker of Parliament, Gracia Shadrak is also due to take the stand in Salwai's trial for bribery, corruption and perjury.

The prosecution indicated they will call 26 witnesses in the trial which began yesterday.

Two other former ministers are also standing trial, after a complaint by former Opposition Leader and current Deputy Prime Minister, Ishmael Kalsakau, last year.

Kalsakau himself is due to take the stand today.


Investigation underway into Vanuatu boat sinking

The newly appointed Regulator, Hickson Siba confirmed the investigation is underway but could not provide the details.

The MV Rosalie embarked on an inter-island crossing from Pentecost island on Friday and sank off Red Cliff, Ambae early Sunday morning.

Up to 12 people including children were reported to have been on board the vessel.

The RVS Tukoro responded and rescued all 12 passengers and crew before the vessel sank.

All of the occupants including two children were taken to hospital for examination and said to be in good condition.