Vanuatu’s SHEFA Education leads the way in inclusive education

The schools are Erakor Bilingual, Club Hippique, Centre Ville, Seaside, Macses, Saint Joseph, Tassiriki, Donna Elite, Anabrou, Pango, Melemaat, Esnar, Saint Jean D’Arc, Roau, Survival and Life Changer.

SHEFA Principal Education Officer (PEO), Jonathan Yona, said, “We are looking forward to extend our support in terms of promoting inclusive education to the additional 15 schools.

“Access is one of the key goals of the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) no matter the gender, religion, nationality ethnicity, language or disability of the children.

Vanuatu Government subsidy to help with recovery of peoples’ livelihood

“In order to contribute to the recovery of the people’s livelihood from the disasters caused by Tropical Cyclone Harold and the closure of borders due to COVID-19, the government through the Council of Ministers, has for the first time allocated Vt150 million as subsidy to support the purchasing price of commodities such as kava, coffee, cocoa, taro, manioc, am and sweet potatoes,” Minister Bule said.

He said more details on how buyers/exporters and farmers can access and benefit from this subsidy will be publicly communicated by Department of Industry officers.

New leader of government business in Vanuatu appointed

The move comes after the resignation of Union of Moderate Party MP, Robin Kapapa.

Our correspondent reported Loughman made the appointment to shore up his numbers amid reports more government MPs could move to the opposition of Ralph Regenvanu.

He says Hymak is believed to be one of those whose loyalty was wavering.

Recently the UMP executive in Kapapa's Tanna constituency called on other party MPs to join the opposition.

With the defection of Kapapa and Christopher Emelee from the government, the Opposition has 24 MPs compared with the government's 28.

Tourism Crisis Response and Recovery Plan presented to Vanuatu National University

A team, comprising Project Manager, Laurana Rakau, Communications Implementation Team Leader, Willie Tapasei and Dr. Basil Leodoro of the Ministry of Health, presented the recovery plan to students who represent the future of Vanuatu tourism as entrepreneurs, managers and staff.

The team explained how the Tourism Crisis Response and Recovery Plan identifies five key outcomes that need to be achieved to attain the goal of protecting safety and livelihoods and facilitate economic recovery through the restoration of international access and the re-start of tourism.

Vanuatu Agriculture Department partners with NTM Teouma Bible College

The ceremony on Tuesday also saw DARD handing a rotavator to the college.

Director Antoine Ravo said,”DARD has a draft plan in place that will involve schools and churches and organizations that are well organised, well-structured and have a good governance system in place and these are some of our selection criteria under this plan for our beneficiaries"

"The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity (MALFFB) is rolling out activities of rotavators under the 70/30 Agriculture Investment initiative programme which also part of this plan".

Vanuatu to Covid-19 test repatriates from high risk areas

The Daily Post reports this different from surveillance tests previously conducted.

The Director of Public Health in Vanuatu said the tests will be done twice a week after the repatriates arrive in Vanuatu, and while they remain in the government approved quarantine facilities in Port Vila for 14 days.

Len Tarivonda mentioned the areas slated as Covid-19 high risk zones in the Pacific at this point are Auckland in New Zealand, Victoria and New South Wales in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

"Yes, the above are the Covid-19 high risks areas," he said.

Vanuatu’s Employment Stabilization Payment to end 15 Sept

 The ESP is a package designed specifically to assist people who have lost their jobs as a result to the COVID -19 pandemic.  

 Employees of companies that were affected and qualified for assistance each received a total of 30,000Vt monthly beginning March to July 2020.  

 At the end of August, about 340 companies from all over Vanuatu benefited from the Employment Stabilization Payment. 

 To date over 6,000 employees have received at least a payment.  

 Majority of companies that have benefited from the package are from the Tourism sector.  

Strong earthquakes rock Vanuatu

According to the United States Geological Survey website the first quake, which struck at 6:12pm, measured 6.2 on the Richter scale and occurred at a depth of 10 kilometres with its epicentre about 73 kms north north east of Port Vila.

The second measured 5.7 and hit at 6:29pm it was also at a depth of 10kms but its epicentre was a little closer at 75kms north north east of Vila.

Residents in Port Vila were shaken by quakes but so far there have been no reports of any serious damage.

Vanuatu lime exports to NZ paused

The first shipment in an export trial of Vanuatu's Tahitian limes arrived in New Zealand in February.

Biosecurity New Zealand said Vanuatu officials had agreed to stop issuing export certificates for the limes until the issues were resolved.

Without identifying the issues, the agency said it was "working closely with local officials to identify and address any gaps in Vanuatu's certification system".

Vanuatu Plant Biosecurity Officer Touasi Tiwok told the Daily Post the temporary stop was an opportunity to discuss "risks" to New Zealand.

Mango industry celebrates as seasonal workers from Vanuatu touch down in Darwin

The workers arrived on a chartered flight from Port Vila and will spend the next 14 days at a quarantine facility, before heading off to work in various Top End orchards.

The trial has not been cheap, with the NT mango industry forking out the $2,500 quarantine fee for each worker, plus the chartered flight from Port Vila understood to have cost around $100,000, which puts the total bill at around $500,000 before a mango has been picked.