82 per cent of Vanuatu’s eligible population vaccinated

According to the Ministry, 75 percent are fully vaccinated.

The Daily Post reports 75 percent to 83 percent of the eligible population in the provinces of SHEFA, SANMA, TORBA, MALAMPA and PENAMA have been fully vaccinated.

Coverage is still lagging behind in TAFEA Province, with over 60 percent of its eligible population still to be fully vaccinated.

Fifty-two percent of TAFEA’s eligible population have received at least one dose. 23, 829 population are eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine.

49 new Covid cases in Vanuatu

The latest situation report from the Ministry of Health said 18 of these case are in TAFEA, 17 in SANMA and eight in PENAMA Province.

Five were recorded in SHEFA and one case in TORBA.

There are currently 232 active Covid-9 cases.

Vanuatu has reported 8807 cases since 1 January 2022.


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Accused cyber stalker to face court in first test of Vanuatu’s new cybercrime law

Ruben Bong, will appear before the Magistrates Court today, to face charges of cyber stalking.

It will be the first time Vanuatu's new cybercrime laws, which were passed last year, are tested in court.

Witnol Tor, a Facebook group moderator was also taken in by police in April with cyber stalking, cyber libel and cyber slander.

"They accused me of, that it was me who posted those things, I have no idea what they're talking about, about those fake accounts," he said.

Vanuatu to stop exporting dried kava roots to Fiji

The CEO of the Vanuatu Primary Producers Authority Timothy Tumukon indicated on local media that Vanuatu would be better off exporting directly to Australia where it could value-add to its product.

"Export to Australia and not Fiji where they add value, give you peanuts and take the cream of the cake," Tumukon told the Vanuatu Television and Broadcasting Corporation.

He said Vanuatu was concerned that its produce was being mixed with Fiji kava and exported as a Fijian product.

“It’s time to stop exporting dry kava to Fiji.’’

Proposed massive increases to Vanuatu MP'S allowances

The report on the review of Parliament Members' Expenses and Allowances was tabled by the Chairman of the Committee on Institutional and Constitutional Affairs, MP Sakeas Lulu.

The Expenses and Allowances include; Traveling Expenses, Overseas Travelling Expenses, Responsibility Allowances, Subsistence Allowances, Sitting Allowances, Accommodation, Touring Allowances, Gratuity and Constituency Allowances.

The Committee explained that the increased allowances are justified mainly by the high demand of needs from their constituencies.

Save the Children signs deal to lead on climate change adaptation in the Pacific where children bear the brunt of extreme weather

Thanks to a US$32.6 million climate finance deal with the Green Climate Fund, the government of Vanuatu and the Australian government, the programme will help communities in Vanuatu, a South Pacific nation of roughly 80 islands, adapt to the rapidly growing threat of the climate crisis.

Concern raised over court delays in Vanuatu indecency case

A preliminary inquiry has been delayed three times.

The lawyer for Parmod Achary, Mark Hurley, said the delays were not only having an impact on Achary but also contributors to the fund.

Achary is facing six charges of indecency and six breaches of the Leadership Code.

The prosecution has told local media it has more than 20 witnesses to support the charges against Achary.

He is on bail which includes a ban on him entering the provident fund building.


Vanuatu still in Gina's grip

Early this morning the storm was about 150 kilometres west of Aneityum and 110km southwest of Tanna.

Winds close to the centre are forecast at about 75km/h.

Gale force winds gusting to 90km/h will continue to batter Tafeea Province throughout today.


Air Vanuatu flights, both domestic and international, are expected to resume today from Port Vila's Bauerfield Airport, after flooding yesterday caused by Cyclone Gina.

Cyclone Gina close to Vanuatu

The category one storm is moving in a southerly direction at about 18km per hour.

It has sustained winds at its centre of 75km per hour but damaging gale force gusts of up to 90km an hour are expected in Shefa province today.

Heavy rain and flash flooding is expected over low lying areas, near rivers and on coasts of central islands.


Omicron variants circulating in Vanuatu

Leingkone said specimens sent to Melbourne for laboratory analysis were confirmed as the sub-variants.

He said more information on the two Omicron subvariants would soon be made known to the public, but in the meantime people were encouraged to keep following the public health measures.

Alert levels have been dropped for most areas in Vanuatu but Erromango and Tanna remain at the highest level, three.