GJP leader Regenvanu refutes claim about his connection with Opposition

The President of Graon mo Jastis Party (GJP) and Minister for Lands, Ralph Regenvanu has dismissed claims from the Opposition that he is aligning his group with them in a bid to topple the Salwai-led coalition and get himself elected as new prime minister

When he was asked to respond to the Opposition claim that, they and GJP had secured a total of 23 MPs, Minister Regenvanu said he was aware of the claim which he said was baseless and without substance.

The GJP leader said it must be clear once and for all that people are tired of changes in government and are more in favor of political stability.

He said Opposition leaders making such claim should be ashamed of their doing.

He confirmed that his party is in a solidified solidarity with the Salwai coalition partners and will in no way succumb to political raffling to change the government.

“The GJP is currently the largest coalition partner in the Salwai Coalition Government and will continue to support the current government’s policy on political reform”, he concluded.

At the last parliament session, Mr Regenvanu told MPs that people are tired of political instability and that if anyone should seek to create avenues for instability by changing the current coalition, he should first seek the approval of his voters.



Photo: Opposition leader Ishmael Kalsakau and Minister Ralph Regenvanu (right) at the recent June conference on Political Stability in Fiji


Harold Obed