More new faces than old ones in Vanuatu’s new parliament: unofficial results

Unofficial results have shown both Caretaker Minister for Justice Robert Bohn and Caretaker Minister for Lands,, Isaac Hamariliu may have lost their seats in the snap elections.

Isaac Hamariliu is a member of Caretaker Prime Minister, Sato Kilman’s Peoples Progressive Party while American-born, Robert Bohn is the founder of his People Development Party. In the tenth legislature, they were occupying the two seats of Epi constituency.

In the smallest constituency of Paama, Graon and Jastis Party’s, William Fred Taso has reportedly secured the only seat, according to unofficial results.

Tongoa’s single seat is secured by Kalo Pakoa Songi Lano of Iauko Group (IG).

In the Shepherds Constituency, Caretaker Minister for Education, Toara Daniel has secured the only seat there.

Unofficial results for Ambrym constituency sees National United Party’s Bruno Lengkon retaining his seat and former Police Commissioner Peter Bong for Green Confederation snatching the second seat from former finance minister and Vanua’aku Pati strongman, Maki Simelum.

In Maewo constituency, veteran VP politician, Philip Boedoro has lost his seat and the only Maewo seat, to businessman, Ian Wilson.

Luganville may see two new MPs, both are popular businessmen, Seremaiah Matai an independent candidate and Marc Ati of Iauko Group (IG)

In the competitive six seats of Port Vila, unofficial results indicate the leading candidates are Kenneth Natapei. Alatoi Ishmael, Ralph Regenvanu, Jean Pierre Nirua for Independent candidate, Kalo Seule for Green Confederation and Ephraim Kalsakau for Labour Party.
Jean Pierre Nirua: 1148
Kalo Seule: 1039
E.Kalsakau: 842

Tafea Outer Island results has seen Ben Leeshi scoring the highest numbers.

Malekula, Santo, Ambae, Pentecost and Tanna results are still coming in….

These results are unofficial and may change in due course.


Joshua Lafoai