VANGO advises members to disseminate accurate information on COVID-19

Vanuatu Non-Government Organisation (VANGO) is calling on its members, particularly those located in Port Vila, to ensure that they assist local authorities to disseminate accurate information on COVID-19 through their networks.

The only accurate information on COVID-19 are those that are dispatched by the Ministry of Health and the National Disaster Management Committee and not anything or anyone outside these sources.

President of VANGO, Lai Sakita, says a lot of information has already been circulated but not all members of the civil society are connected through airwaves, through internet or through other main sources of information.

“This is a time when civil society networks become crucial to save lives.

“The key messages and regular updates sent out by the Ministry of Health and NDMO are very crucial to saving lives as Vanuatu undertakes necessary measures, including strict controls under the State of Emergency, to prevent this deadly Coronavirus which is the biggest global threat, from coming to Vanuatu shores,” said Mr Sakita.

He said it is important to provide helpful information such as:

• the free-access mobile page (;

• the Ministry of Health’s Facebook page “Health Promotion” on updates of COVID 19

• the Ministry of Health’s COVID 19 website on: WWW.COVID19.GOV.VU

• regular updates and communication materials from WHO: COVID-19 Outbreak webpage and WHO Vanuatu Facebook page.

Mr Sakita calls on all civil society that includes NGOs, community groups, advocacy groups, professional associations, and faith-based institutions to also document and record any economical, social and environmental impact this pandemic may cause on the lives of people in all levels of society, particularly at the grassroots level. Doing so helps to recognise the incentives and pressures on those involved, as well as and the type of evidence and communication approach needed to maximise the chances of policy influence.

He said at this stage the most important thing is to remain calm, support each other with relevant and accurate information, adhere to instructions from the authorities as prescribed under the State of Emergency and respect and practice proper hygiene as part of efforts to the fight against COVID-19 and to stay safe.

Photo supplied Caption: President of VANGO, Lai Sakita



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