VANGO join DSPPAC for Mapping Exercise

The Government aims to improve visibility over the activities of different non-state actors/ Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and to enable improved coordination and collaboration between non-state actors/CSOs. The VANGO mapping exercise will be focusing on updating the map by registering new CSOs, identifying the CSOs’ capacities and needs to effectively operate and implement their programs and services.

VANGO appoints new Secretary General

Abraham will assist VANGO in the full-time operation of the office and working with Partners and stakeholders to strengthen the role of civil society.

VANGO was revitalised by the government in 2017 by then Minister of Internal Affairs Andrew Napuat.

A steering committee was appointed then to elect the board of directors in 2017 after it experienced a sharp decline in 2015 through the ongoing governance and operational issues, which led to mistrust and loss of confidence for the organisation.

VANGO advises members to disseminate accurate information on COVID-19

The only accurate information on COVID-19 are those that are dispatched by the Ministry of Health and the National Disaster Management Committee and not anything or anyone outside these sources.

President of VANGO, Lai Sakita, says a lot of information has already been circulated but not all members of the civil society are connected through airwaves, through internet or through other main sources of information.

“This is a time when civil society networks become crucial to save lives.

VANGO to soon have 3Ws Map

The map will be used by VANGO members, development partners and government agencies.

The 3Ws map is supported by a database that captures information about all VANGO members, including updated information on WHO (which organisations) are doing WHAT (which activities), WHERE (in which locations).

The purpose of the map is to help improve coordination and trust between Government, development partners and non-government organisations by having access to one easy-to-use map that all organisations can reference for visibility on VANGO member activities.

VANGO appeals to CSO’s to restock evacuees food supplies

The call comes following media reports that food supplies had run out at an evacuation centre at Sarabulu Church in Port Vila– prompting the urgent need to replenish the supply.

At its urgent meeting, the VANGO team assessed the situation of the evacuation centre and confirmed the need for restocking of food.

VANGO strides ahead

This is after the Vanuatu Association of Non- Governmental Association (VANGO) was visibly on track with a successful annual general meeting in Port Vila last week.

The meeting was attended by representatives of organisations that are working in various areas such as gender, disability, environment, arts, human rights, media and international NGOs.

VANGO amongst Pacific NGO’s to call for review to criteria for LDC graduation

The VANGO team was led by its President Lai Sakita, accompanied by Vice Treasurer Anne Pakoa and Secretary Harold Obed. They were amongst activists contributing to concerns that some vital elements of livelihood such as climate change and value of tradition were ignored in the UN analysis of rating to qualify LDC’s for graduation.

PIANGO supports VANGO mid term plan roll out

These, says Pacific Islands Association of NGOs executive director, Emele Duituturaga are lessons learnt from three decades of PIANGO’s organising work with its 24 affiliates in the region.

“As a regional platform organisation for national NGO platforms, PIANGO has had a variety of experiences when it comes to organisational development. Our membership range from fully funded and resourced organisations to those without an office and coordinated by either part time officers or full volunteers.”

VANGO acknowledges PIANGO support for new board

Lai Sakita is a veteran civil society activist and is not new to the role, he has already served six terms in the VANGO office.

“We are very grateful for the support that PIANGO has shown towards our nee Board and their commitment in assisting us in the process of the resurrection of our organisation. PIANGO’s support is very important to us, they are our regional organisation and we need them to advocate on our behalf on certain critical issues” added Sakita.

VANGO stands in solidarity with PIANGO on West Papua

The VANGO support was expressed by the Chairperson of the Vanuatu national NGO group Ms Lind Peter in an email to PIANGO Executive Director Ms Emele Duituturaga, who is currently in Pohnpei, FSM, where they have held the Civil Society Organisations (CSO) Forum on the eve of the 47th Pacific Islands Forum leaders meeting.

In her media briefing earlier in the week, Ms Duituturaga made PIANGO’s stand on West Papua clear – that the issue was no long a matter for the Melanesian Spearhead Group nor the PIF leaders; but rather a United Nations issue.