Vanuatu nationals in NZ return home on repatriation flight

A New Zealand Defence Force 757 is on its way to Port Vila carrying close to 120 RSE workers, scholarship students, and ni-Vanuatu nationals, who urgently needed to return home to Vanuatu from New Zealand.

The flight is being jointly managed by New Zealand Government agencies, RSE employers and the Vanuatu Government, and follows the successful repatriation of over 1,000 Vanuatu citizens in June.

The flight has also provided an opportunity return the late Johnson Naviti, the former Vanuatu High Commissioner to New Zealand, and his family to Vanuatu.

The New Zealand Government is committed to helping Pacific governments respond to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. All passengers were subject to health pre-screening measures before boarding the flight in New Zealand and will be required to follow Vanuatu’s entry protocols, including 14 days of managed quarantine.


Photo NZ HC in Vanuatu/Facebook