Now you can get an 'adult toy' with your burger meal

Burger King has unveiled a new "adult" meal, which comes with a free adult toy.

A promotion for the offer, which can only be redeemed on Valentine's Day, has appeared on YouTube.

The adult toys on offer include a pink frilly blindfold, a black feather tickler and a head massager.

Before you and your partner rush out for a saucy Whopper, though, the promotion is only available in Israel.

It's a campaign that seems to be aimed at people who forgot to book a candelit dinner for two.

"Kids meal? That's for kids," the advert's narrator says.

"Burger King presents the adult meal, with an adult's toy inside."

The deal features two burgers, two fries, two beers and, of course, the toy.

It's over-18s only, though, so couples will have to remember their ID.

The campaign has been produced by advertising agency Leo Burnett.

Burger King isn't the only fast food company trying to do something different this Valentine's Day.

Branches of Hooters in the US are offering 10 free chicken wings to people who've been scorned by a former lover.

They've even opened the offer to takeaway customers who don't want to eat in their "world famous breastaurant".

The only catch? You have to bring in a photo of your ex so they can shred it.