Burger King

Burger King still open in Russia despite pledge to exit

Restaurant Brands International (RBI), which owns 15% of the fast-food's franchise business in Russia, told the BBC it had "no new updates to share at this time" on its exit.

The firm said in March 2022 that it had started the process to leave Russia.

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Western companies have been under pressure to leave Russia.

Critics accused RBI of "sustaining Putin's regime" by failing to ditch its stake in its Russian business.

Burger King to sell vegan nuggets in bid to go 50% meat-free

The fast-food giant said the nuggets, made from soy and plant proteins, had been certified by the Vegan Society.

Burger King previously released a plant-based Rebel Whopper burger two years ago, but it was later revealed to be unsuitable for vegans because it was cooked on the same grill as meat.

It has introduced a Vegan Royale burger as demand for such products has risen.

A vegan diet involves cutting out animal products such as meat, fish, dairy and eggs.

Burger King advert sabotaged on Wikipedia

The ad triggered the devices to read out information about the burgers from online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

However, somebody edited Wikipedia to describe the Whopper as the "worst hamburger product" and another added cyanide to the list of ingredients.

The BBC understands the ad was blocked.

Google did not publicly confirm this, saying only that it had "no involvement" in the campaign.

But Burger King confirmed to the BBC that after the first iteration of the ad was blocked, it ran a tweaked version on US TV.

Now you can get an 'adult toy' with your burger meal

A promotion for the offer, which can only be redeemed on Valentine's Day, has appeared on YouTube.

The adult toys on offer include a pink frilly blindfold, a black feather tickler and a head massager.

Before you and your partner rush out for a saucy Whopper, though, the promotion is only available in Israel.

It's a campaign that seems to be aimed at people who forgot to book a candelit dinner for two.

"Kids meal? That's for kids," the advert's narrator says.

"Burger King presents the adult meal, with an adult's toy inside."