American Idol

Teenage sensation Iam Tongi has won American Idol

The 18-year-old's debut performance of James Blunt's 'Monsters' brought tears to the eyes of celebrity judges Lionel Richie and Katy Perry, and is the most viewed American Idol video on YouTube

In the final, Tongi performed the song again - this time as a duet with Blunt, tearing up as it ended.

"I'm singing next to a guy who has the most beautiful voice and he wears his heart on his sleeve and I felt just very lucky to be up there with him," Blunt said after the show.

Iam Tongi into final top 3 of American Idol

Tongi was one of ten finalists vying for the last stage of the competition yesterday.

American Idol Judges praised Tongi who has garnered widespread support since making his debut on the show three months ago.

Tongi impressed with his sweet and technically-terrific performances of “Lava,” from the Pixar short, and followed up with a touching version of “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam, a number that Tongi seemed born to sing.

American Idol crowns first ever 'at home' winner

Samantha Diaz, 21, from Harlem, New York, was told she'd won the public vote by host Ryan Seacrest, who was broadcasting from his garage.

She heard the news while clutching an iPad that was connected to a call with her grandmother, who brought her up.

"Can I thank America now?" asked the singer. "My dreams have come true."


Kanye West auditions for 'American Idol' in San Fransisco

After performing for President Barack Obama at a Democratic National Committee event in San Francisco on Saturday morning (Oct. 10), West headed over to where S.F.