Bula Bubble

Fiji's Bula Bubble suffers setback

Fiji's government said it has proven itself as a safe destination for travellers during the pandemic with no cases reported for more than 320 days.

Fiji said it was ready to open its border to Australia and New Zealand and urged both countries to join Fiji's so-called Bula Bubble scheme.

But its major regional partners say the Fijians are not on the priority list for a seat on the trans-Tasman travel bubble, just yet.

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Monday several concerns needed to be resolved before a trans-Tasman bubble could go ahead.

Fiji has not given up on 'Bula Bubble'

Fiji's borders have been closed since last March and with New Zealand and Australia still battling Covid-19 cases at home, the wait maybe longer.

But the government said Fiji had proven itself as a safe destination for travels during the pandemic with no cases recorded over 300 days.

Tourism Minister Faiyaz Koya said the government was optimistic its regional partners would come to the table.

Koya said visitors would still need to meet the requirements under the 'Bula Bubble' scheme.

"We have not forgotten the 'Bula Bubble'," he said.

'Bula Bubble' touted by Fiji PM

Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama said Fiji was working on a "Bula Bubble", between his country, New Zealand and Australia.

Upon arrival, travellers would have to spend 14 days in Fiji government quarantine facilities and then be required to pass a Covid-19 test to enter the general public.

This would be at their own cost or that of their respective government.