Healthy heart

The secret behind healthy Greek hearts

They found a new genetic variant, common among villagers, which appears to protect the heart by lowering levels of "bad" fats and cholesterol.

Despite a diet rich in animal fat, the people of Mylopotamos in northern Crete do not suffer from cardiovascular disease.

And they really love their cheese.

What's special about these Greek villages?

The isolated villages of Zoniana and Anogia are high up in the mountains on the island of Crete.

Few people move in or out of the villages and the inhabitants are known for living well into old age.

Keep your heart happy this Valentine’s Day

Dr Venkita is the Medical Doctor and Chief Physician (Cardiology and internal medicine) with Pacific International Hospital in Port Moresby.

He says life these days are highly stressful and if there’s one advice he can give for February 14, it is to keep that vital organ happy on this special date.

“A happy heart is a safe heart, so the happier you are, the calmer you are, the more peaceful you are, your heart is too.