Why Bolivian hunter-gatherers have the healthiest arteries

She was, it turned out, a 3,500-year-old Egyptian princess, her mummified skin leathery brown, her coffin over 10 feet long and lavishly carved.

But when researchers slid Princess Ahmose Meryet-Amon’s body into a CT scanner, they found, at least in one respect, she was not so different from some 92 million un-royal Americans: Her arteries were hardened and blocked by plaque. The researchers also examined the shriveled blood vessels of over 100 other mummies from Egypt, Peru, the American Southwest, and the Aleutian Islands — and found similar signs of cardiovascular disease.

Chinese cleared in PNGRFL logo case

They are owners of shops at the Erimart shop complex. They appeared before Justice Panuel Mogish on Monday, November 7, for a trial to answer to allegations that they were selling printed jerseys and polo shirts containing counterfeit logos for the PNGRFL, Kumuls and Hunters.

However, before the trial started, the court was made known of a declaration filed by the State saying the trademarks were never registered by the complainant, the PNG Rugby Football League.

Two Digicel Cup players join Hunters training squad

The first is Gulf Isapea captain, Bernard Goma  who started who training with the Hunters on Tuesday while confirmation has yet to be received from Lae Snax Tigers, Junior Rop who is expected to join the Hunters camp next Monday.

“Both these players have been very impressive with their respective franchise clubs.

“They join the Hunters camp to fit into our training structures and regime," said Marum.

Hunters prove Fiji needs an Aussie team: Naiqama

Naiqama was disappointed to have to sit out the Bati's