India gang rape

India rape victim's mother wants swift justice

It took days for the mutilated body of the woman, 22, to be found. A post mortem showed her "skull was broken".

Her mother told the BBC that her daughter was "a brave girl because she fought her rapists till the end".

"I want the death penalty for the culprits as a deterrent for others," she told BBC Hindi's Nitin Srivastava.

She added that the brutality of the attack shows that "the men don't deserve any mercy".

India gang rape: Two attacks near Delhi shock India

In the first, police say a woman of 23 was gang-raped and murdered last week in Rohtak district - it took days for her mutilated body to be found. A post mortem showed her "skull was broken".

On Saturday a 22-year-old was gang-raped in a moving car in the Delhi suburb of Gurgaon, police say.

Activists say both attacks show women continue to be unsafe in India.

Residents in Sonipat district, where the Rohtak victim's family lives, found the woman's decomposing body after they noticed stray dogs around it.

Death sentences upheld against men who fatally gang raped woman in India

  The crime sparked widespread protests and drew international attention to violence against women.

Applause broke out in court on Friday among relatives of the victim — whose identity is protected by law — as judges explained the crime met the "rarest of the rare" standard required to justify capital punishment in India.

"It's a barbaric crime and it has shaken the society's conscience," Justice R Banumathi said, as a three-judge Supreme Court panel threw out an appeal on behalf of the defendants.