Islamic State

Libya wants allied airstrikes against Islamic State

Abdullah al-Thinni, who heads an internationally-recognized government at war with both Islamic extremists and rival Islamist-backed authorities that control the capital, said his forces need weapons and other support to take on the IS group, and have been let down by the international community.

"We're fully relying on Arab nations and not on the international community, as we were let down after repeated unanswered appeals," al-Thinni told The Associated Press in an interview late Wednesday.

Croatia says 2 groups were involved in Salopek's abduction

VIDEO: Hospital scenes following deadly market blast in Iraq

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for Thursday's blast, saying it targeted a gathering place of Shiites and vowed more attacks.

The truck detonated in the Jameela market in the Iraqi capital's crowded Sadr City neighbourhood shortly after dawn, according to two local police officers.

They also said that at least 152 people were wounded in the attack.

Federal judge denies young Mississippi couple bail over Islamic State charges

Twenty-year-old Jaelyn Delshaun Young and 22-year-old Muhammad "Mo" Dakhlalla, who were arrested at a Mississippi airport just before boarding a flight with tickets bound for Istanbul, went before U.S. Magistrate Judge S. Allan Alexander on Tuesday in Oxford.

Alexander denied bail, saying that even though the pair have never been in trouble with the law and have relatives willing to oversee their home confinement, she believed their desire commit terrorism is "probably still there."

Wife of killed Islamic State leader now in Iraq custody

Umm Sayyaf, wife of the Islamic State's head of oil operations Abu Sayyaf, was in U.S. custody since May 15. 

There have been suggestions that she and her husband were the captors of American hostage Kayla Mueller. Mueller was killed while being held prisoner. Islamic State militants have claimed she died in a Jordanian airstrike.

U.S. officials have said Umm Sayyaf was cooperative and provided a "trove" of intelligence about Islamic State operations.

Islamic State group seizes central Syrian town

The heavily populated town of Qaryatain lies southwest of Palmyra, which is home to towering Roman ruins, and some 85 kilometers from Homs city. Its capture allows the IS group to link up areas under its control in and around Palmyra with areas in the eastern countryside of Qalamoun in Damascus province.

Islamic State group in Egypt threatens to kill Croat hostage

The threat came a day before the country plans to unveil a highly promoted new extension of the Suez Canal.

The video, circulated on social media by Islamic State sympathizers, shows a man wearing a yellow jumpsuit kneeling in the desert before a knife-wielding masked man in military fatigues. 

Analysis: US-Turkey deal on Syria a big gamble

Their goals, while overlapping in some ways, are far different in others, mainly on the question of how to handle Kurdish militants battling Islamic State fighters in Syria. And that's the problem.

Suicide attacks kill at least 12 Iraqi troops near Ramadi

The suicide bombers rammed explosives-laden Humvees into forces deployed outside of the University of Ramadi complex, two Iraqi officials told The Associated Press.

The officials — one with the Iraqi army, the other with the country's elite counterterrorism forces — also said that eight Iraqi soldiers were wounded in the bombing.

Shortly afterward, clashes erupted southwest of Ramadi, killing one soldier and wounding eight others, the officials said, while 14 militants were also killed.

NATO proclaims 'strong solidarity' with Turkey against IS


"The security of the alliance is indivisible," ambassadors from all 28 NATO nations declared in a joint statement after the meeting, which had been called to assess the threat posed by the Islamic State extremist group and the Turkish response.

They condemned recent terror attacks in Turkey, and called terrorism "a global threat that knows no border, nationality, or religion — a challenge that the international community must fight and tackle together."