Lego set to open 120 new stores despite pandemic

The Danish toy firm told the BBC bricks-and-mortar stores had a solid future, despite the drop in footfall on high streets and social distancing restrictions in shops.

"When our stores have reopened after lockdown, there have been queues," boss Niels Christiansen said.

"We give people the brand experience in our shops which we can't do outside."

It comes as the toy firm announced revenues of DKK 15.7bn (£1.8bn) for the first half of the year, up 7%, while operating profit grew by 11%.

This new 'Lego tape' could change how you build with bricks

A new tape has been developed which will allow builders to place their creations on the walls, the ceiling, furniture and pretty much anywhere else.

This will no doubt be depressing news for parents whose homes are already a minefield of tiny plastic bricks.

Nimuno Loops is not an official product but is causing a stir among fans.

It is a roll of tape which is sticky on one side but has buildable studs on the other.

Here's how it works


Lego's new social network wants to keep bullies out

The company launched on Tuesday a free iOS and Android app called Lego Life. The social platform children under the age of 13 share photos of their Lego creations, watch animated videos and participate in building challenges.

"One of its core purposes is to put their iPhone down and go do something else," Rob Lowe, senior director at the Lego Group, told CNNTech.

Grand designs on display as Lego lovers converge on Canberra Brick Expo

The Brick Expo, which runs across the weekend, raises money for the paediatrics ward at the Canberra Hospital.

Chairman David Boddy said some of the pieces on display took immense amounts of work to create.

"We have moving trains, and great ball contraptions and really technical models," he said.

"Engineering pieces like the Golden Gate Bridge, which is 15 metres, which is quite a feat, it's just stuck together with Lego, there's no glue or nails or wire holding it up — down to just very clever use of parts.