Pokémon GO

Free Internet, Lyft Rides, and Hunting Trips for Pokemon Go players

You won’t have to pay for the data consumed by your smartphone while hunting for a Pokemon down the road. So, what’s the deal? The US telecom operator T-Mobile has planned to delight with the next T-Mobile Tuesdays i.e. July 19.

Man in New Zealand quits his job to play Pokemon Go full-time

Tom Currie worked as a barista and bartender at a seaside restaurant on the Hibiscus Coast near Auckland, but has decided to jack that in to find digital creatures on his phone instead.

He says he's relying on friends and family to help out but admits his parents are "a little bit baffled".

"When I resigned, I didn't tell my manager I was going out into the world to hunt Pokemon," he told Newsbeat.

"But after my story got picked up I gave him a courtesy call to update him just in case the media contacted him.

How Pokemon Go is changing the world

Suddenly, to her right, another person appears, enacting the same strange dance of connection between his legs, his eyes and his phone.

Couple playing Pokemon Go held at gunpoint

The pair, who are both aged 29, were using the smartphone app at a skate park at Tahmoor on Wednesday night when they were threatened by two men who had their faces covered.

Local police said a white Toyota Hilux ute blocked the park's driveway and the couple's car about 7:30pm.

Two men got out and opened the couple's car door, and threatened them with a rifle before driving away empty-handed.

Detective Inspector Jane Doherty from Camden Local Area Command said the hold-up appeared to have been opportunistic.

Uh-Oh! Pokémon GO grants itself 'Full Access' to your Google Account — Fix It NOW

People are so excited to catch 'em all that brought Nintendo's market-value gains to $7.5 Billion (£5.8 Billion) in just two days – the highest surge since 1983.

Due to the huge interest surrounding Pokémon GO, even hackers are using the game's popularity to distribute malicious versions of Pokémon GO that could install DroidJack malware on Android phones, allowing them to compromise user's devices completely.