Officer who Tasered 95-year-old woman suspended

Clare Nowland was critically injured when police responded to reports she was wandering her care home with a knife around 4am on Wednesday.

Amid public outcry, critics have called the response by police and care home staff disproportionate.

An investigation into the incident continues, as Ms Nowland receives "end of life care" in hospital.

In a statement on Tuesday, New South Wales (NSW) Police said the 33-year-old senior constable who Tasered Ms Nowland has been stood down, with pay.

Australia Police 'don't intend' to release video of 95-year-old's Tasering

BBC reports Clare Nowland, 95, is in critical condition after an officer discharged the weapon at a care home in Cooma, New South Wales (NSW), on Wednesday.

Police say Ms Nowland had moved towards them "at a slow pace" with a knife.

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb said she was "not sure" why there were calls for the footage to be released.

"I am not sure why they want to see it," she told reporters at a press conference.