Tuvalu cries foul at slow, delaying tactics at COP21

Prime Minister of Tuvalu Enele Sopoaga said the negotiations are painfully 'slow,' as he went onto accuse the bigger countries of employing delaying tactics.

Tuvalu and Palau submit climate plans

Known as Intended Nationally Determined Contribution, INDC for short, these plans outline among things carbon emission reduction targets each country is committed to. Two island nations, Tuvalu and Palau submitted their INDCs the last 48 hours, on the eve of the opening of the final rounds of climate change negotiations in Paris.

Island States at UN Assembly call for stronger global partnerships

From Tuvalu in the South Pacific, Foreign Minister Taukelina Finikaso noted that climate is an existential issue for his small island nation, whose highest point is only 15 feet above sea level.

“Sea level rise continues to inundate many of our small island coastlines and inundate our food plantations,” he said. “That is a security issue, an urgent one and an inter-generational one. It is an existential issue for Tuvalu and other Pacific countries and also bigger populated countries in the flood plains, and wilt displace many people.

ADB approves $2m grant for Tuvalu reforms

The country relies on unpredictable and volatile revenue sources, such as fishing fees, licensing fees for its ".tv" internet domain, and development assistance, making fiscal sustainability a challenge.

The bank's director for the Pacific Subregional Office, Robert Jauncey, says the policy reform programme hopes to promote public procurement policies and regulations to address these challenges.

The government hopes to support public enterprise reforms and maximise government efficiency and transparency.

Niue provides foreign aid to Tuvalu

The Premier Toke Talagi handed over a cheque for US$6,300 to his Tuvalu counterpart, Enele Sopoaga, during the recent Pacific Forum summit.

Niue has very close links with Tuvalu, with a number of Tuvalu nationals living on the island.

Failure not an option - Tuvalu PM

Tuvalu Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga wants this message relayed to the French Prime Minister through their ambassador to Fiji, Kiribati, Tonga and Tuvalu, Michel Djokovic.

He made the comment at the signing of a maritime boundary agreement for Fiji, France and Tuvalu.

"We're signing at this moment on the eve of the world coming to Paris to try and conclude a legally binding agreement.

Tuvalu continues to lobby world community over climate change

Enele Sopoaga says he had hoped for stronger action at the recent Pacific Islands Forum meeting but he says the failure to achieve that has not weakened his resolve.

PM Sopoaga says he will now take his call to the UN Sustainable Development meeting in New York at the end of the month.

Tuvalu PM set to pressure new Australian leader at United Nations

Sopoaga, who is also the chair of the Small Island States group, says Australia's approach to the forum, as well as a much-publicised climate change joke made by Australia's immigration minister, are evidence of the country's indifference towards the plight of low-lying countries.

With Malcolm Turnbull becoming the Prime Minister of Australia this week, Sopoaga is hoping change in Australia's climate stance could be on the way, and says he will make representations to the new leader to that effect next week when world leaders gather at the United Nations in New York.

World Bank commits 3 million to Tuvalu recovery

Six months after Cyclone Pam hit the Pacific, the bank approved the additional grant to support Tuvalu's medium-term recovery efforts.

Almost half of Tuvalu's 10,000 people were affected by the category 5 cyclone, which caused massive destruction as it passed in March, before continuing southwest to Vanuatu.

The system caused an estimated 10 million dollars worth of damages or more than 30 percent of the country's GDP.

Tuvalu disheartened by Australian climate attitude

Enele Sopoaga, who also chairs the Small Island States group, says he is disappointed by the failure of last week's Pacific Islands Forum meeting to make a stronger statement on climate change.

Australia and New Zealand did not commit to tougher emission targets called for by the SIS.

Mr Sopoaga says Australia's approach at the Forum and joke by their Immigration Minister about climate change have shone a light on their indifference.