Zoom announces hybrid return to workplace

It said an internal survey of employees found only 1% wanted to return to the office full-time.

The pandemic spurred huge growth for the video calls platform, with sales in the last three months of 2020 up 370% compared with the same period in 2019.

The company said it would strategically mix remote and in-office working, but admitted that it was "not easy".

Zoom's employee poll found that more than half of its staff preferred a hybrid approach, with the remainder favouring or already working fully remotely.

Zoom founder Eric Yuan transfers $6bn of his shares

Mr Yuan, who is also chief executive of the video-conferencing platform, moved roughly 40% of his stake in the company last week.

The shares were shown as gifts to unspecified beneficiaries last week.

Mr Yuan has seen his personal wealth rocket as Zoom became a household name during pandemic lockdowns.

An increasing number of students and professionals connected online boosting the fortunes of Zoom and its founder.

'Zoom boom' sees rise in cosmetic treatment calls

Save Face, which represents practitioners, said there had been a jump in email and web inquiries from Wales.

Phone inquiries for neck and face work have leapt from 500 a year to almost 800 - up 57%.

It's been dubbed the "Zoom boom" in the sector because people are using video calls more for work and socialising.

Catherine Dudley-Bacon decided to get treatment to "feel more confident".

The makeup artist from Cardiff now holds video consultations with her clients because of Covid restrictions.

Zoom revenues skyrocket as profits double

 Revenues leaped 355% to $663.5m (£496.3m) for the three months ending 31 July, beating analysts' expectations of $500.5m.

Profits soared to $186m, while customer growth rose 458%, compared with the same period in 2019.

Video conferencing apps remain crucial due to the increase in remote working.

Man sentenced to death in Singapore via Zoom

Punithan Genasan, 37, received the sentence on Friday for his role in a drug deal that took place in 2011.

It marks the city's first case where such a ruling has been done remotely.

Human rights groups argued that pursuing the death penalty at a time when the world is being gripped by a pandemic was "abhorrent".

The vast majority of court hearings in Singapore have been adjourned until at least 1 June, when the city's current lockdown period is due to end.

Cases which have been deemed to be essential are being held remotely.

Zoom tackles hackers with new security measures

Trolls have been disrupting video conferences with offensive content, including racist and homophobic imagery.

Those with free Zoom accounts must use a password for all meetings.

It follows reports that a sexual assault awareness meeting on the platform was targeted by a hacker who posted a video depicting child abuse.

Zoom has been attempting to toughen up its security measures ever since it vowed to fix its "biggest trust, safety and privacy" issues in April.

Its latest move, aimed at free users of its platform, will be implemented on 9 May.

Zoom under increased scrutiny as popularity soars

New York's attorney general has written to the firm raising concerns over its ability to cope with the rise in users.

Zoom is now being used by millions of people for work and leisure, as lockdowns are imposed in many countries.

But its data security and privacy measures have been questioned.

The letter from the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James asked Zoom whether it had reviewed its security measures since its popularity surged. It also pointed out that in the past the app had been slow to address issues.