Ash fall from Vanuatu volcano forces school closures on Ambae

The Vanuatu government has closed all schools on Ambae and is making plans to relocate the Penama Provincial Government to nearby Loltong on North Pentecost due to continuing ash fall from the island's volcano.

This was the second time this year the students have had to be evacuated.

The Vanuatu Daily Post reports all senior students have already been relocated to schools on Maewo Island and Santo.

The government has determined that Ambae is no longer safe for the up to 11,000 people that continue to live there.

Police are expected to be assigned to travel to Ambae soon to assist with the relocation.

Meanwhile, concerns have been raised about students' living conditions on the two islands.

But custom chiefs of Maewo Island have advised the chiefs of Ambae not to expect their normal comfort of home at their new relocation sites.

The chiefs said Ambaeans will start to rebuild their lives from the bottom up in their new homes.

The Government has allocated four relocation sites on Maewo, the National Disaster Management Office has confirmed that over 500 Ambaeans have already moved to Santo at their own cost.



Photo: Twitter/ John Metojoe, Vanuatu police force. Caption: Ash fall on Ambae