AVL assists with special flights delivering relief to Vanuatu

Airports Vanuatu Limited has been working with other partners over the Easter weekend to facilitate special flights that have brought vital supplies to Vanuatu.

According to AVL, only special international charter, medivac, and technical stop flight applications are currently being considered and approved (or denied) by the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), during Vanuatu’s active COVID-19 and TC Harold National State of Emergency.

AVL said upon receiving formal notification of approval for any specific flight, it notifies and works closely with the nominated ground handling organisation and other relevant agencies to facilitate arrivals and departures formalities.

“Over the Easter weekend, we have been working closely with Vanuatu Terminal Services Limited (VTS) as ground handlers (and other relevant government agencies such as Customs and Biosecurity) to facilitate international charter flight movements approved by the NDMO.”

“On Saturday 11 April, 2020 we facilitated a Royal New Zealand Defense Force C130 Hercules flight at Port Vila Airport for the purposes of dropping off TC Harold relief supplies donated by New Zealand and the repatriation of New Zealanders back to their home country,” AVL said in a release on social media.

“On the same day, we also facilitated a private A320 charter flight at Port Vila Airport for the purpose of dropping off COVID-19 critical medical equipment and supplies donated by China. The aircraft arrived and cargo was unloaded on the following day prior to departure.”

AVL said it continues to prioritise the health and welfare of its staff during the COVID-19 crisis.

“All AVL and VTS frontline staff whom have come into close or direct contact with international cargo and aircrew, have continued to be fully equipped in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), applied additional precautionary measures, and adhered to strict handling procedures.”

International scheduled air services remain suspended and restrictions continue to be applied by the Vanuatu Government on international air operations into Vanuatu, as a result of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic.

Domestic air services are unrestricted.

Air Vanuatu has resumed scheduled domestic air services and our other domestic airline partners continue their charter operations.


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