Port Vila Main Wharf ready for cruise ship operations

Vanuatu Department of Ports & Harbour has confirmed that the Port Vila Main-Wharf is operational and ready to resume cruise operations.

The Department of Tourism (D0T) said the seafront will no longer be used as the temporary cruise solution.

“We are progressively returning to the Port-Vila Main Wharf, as agreed between the Vanuatu Government through the Department of Ports & Harbour, and Carnival Australia this month”.

There are reasons why cruise lines need to return berthing to the wharf, and these include but are not limited to strict compliance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code, fuel re-stock, ship maintenance work and minimizing any operational costs (i.e. avoiding using the tender boats).

DoT confirmed also that the Government contracted a local professional company to install containers and fences along the main road towards the wharf this week, as a risk mitigation action to counter any potential falling rocks.

This measure was agreed between the Government and the Cruise Lines.

“This measure is temporary, until the Ministry of Infrastructures and Public Utilities (MIPU) secures the long-term solution for the Port, based on the reassessment report and recommendations from the Vanuatu Government's Geology and Mines Unit.

“The long-term solution was discussed last week, and these included removing the pending boulders on the hillside, as well as installing a safety protection net over specific vulnerable areas of the hillside. The proposed long-term solution will require heavy investment and in-depth scoping before work can commence.

DoT is working with the Port-Vila Municipality Council (PVMC), the Vanuatu Police Force to revise the Traffic Management Plan (TMP) along the wharf road, to ensure the safety of the passengers, the operators and the general public.

There are three calls to Port-Vila this month.


Photo supplied  Caption: A new fence and containers installed along the main road towards the main wharf, to counter any potential falling rocks.


Tensly Sumbe