VANGO appoints new Secretary General

Shirley Abraham is the new Secretary General of the Vanuatu Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (VANGO).

Abraham will assist VANGO in the full-time operation of the office and working with Partners and stakeholders to strengthen the role of civil society.

VANGO was revitalised by the government in 2017 by then Minister of Internal Affairs Andrew Napuat.

A steering committee was appointed then to elect the board of directors in 2017 after it experienced a sharp decline in 2015 through the ongoing governance and operational issues, which led to mistrust and loss of confidence for the organisation.

The present governing Board through the leadership of President William Nasak is determined to strengthen the governance structure and the institution.

It plans to work with its members to complement the work of the government to reach the most marginalised, disadvantaged population and the rural communities through the National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP).

The board of VANGO is represented by INGOs, Local NGOs and Community-Based Organisations (CBOs).

Nasak said, “VANGO is a new vibrant organization and will support better coordination of NGOs and CSOs to know their role as partners of the government in service delivery..” 



Photo supplied Caption: Newly appointed VANGO Secretary General Shirley Abraham (left) shakes hands with VANGO President William Nasak.



Tensly Sumbe