Vanuatu’s Malampa Province launches Covid-19 vaccine campaign.

The Malampa Provincial Health launched its Covid-19 vaccine rollout at Wilkins Stadium in Malekula yesterday.

The campaign will target over 23,000 people. 

Healthcare workers and other frontline workers have been identified as the priority group for vaccination.

The other group includes people aged 55 and above and people with existing medical conditions aged 35 years and over.

"While the vaccine is not mandatory and people have the choice whether to take the vaccine. Many people in our communities are exposed to the virus due to the nature of their jobs as well as those at risk of complications. Therefore, the vaccine is being prioritised to protect them first; it is much important to get the covid-19 vaccine to protect you than to get infected with the covid-19 virus when the boarders will be open,” said Salome Kenneth,  Malampa Provincial Public Health Manager.

Kenneth is also the Provincial Vaccination Roll-out Incident Coordinator.

The Ministry of Health also launched the three additional vaccines targeting children (HPV, Rota Virus and Pneumococcal Vaccine).


Photo supplied Caption: Health Minister Silas Bule and officials during the Covid-19 vaccine launch at Malekula.



Tensly Sumbe