Vanuatu Christian Council receives first government pay-out

The Vanuatu Christian Council has received its first pay-out of VT25 million from the government's VT50m grant.

VCC General Secretary, Pastor Shem Tema stated that VT12M will be going to VCC for administration works, and running of the council while the rest is kept for the churches.

“We are still working on application forms. The Prime Ministers Office should be working on a draft app form, if we both agree, I’ll take it up.”

“The remaining VT25M with the government, as soon as we use the first VT13M then we will be entitled to the next VT25M – ANZ Bank under VCC. Operate under a partnership account.”

The VCC compromises of  seven member churches of the five main denominations that are Presbyterian, Catholic, Anglican, Church of Christ and Apostolic with two observers, the Sabbath Day Adventists (SDA) and the Assembly of God (AOG) plus the Minister Fraternal.