Vanuatu Covid-19 vaccinations to take till end of 2023

Vanuatu health officials say the Covid-19 vaccination programme will take nearly three years to complete.

The Daily Post reports that under the Ministry of Health's national deployment and vaccination plan, the first shots will be administered in April this year, but only the most vulnerable 20 percent of the population will get a jab in the first phase.

First to be immunised will be health workers, border control, immigration and quarantine workers

After public transport drivers and other key sector workers, older people and those with re-existing conditions will receive the vaccination.

But, the paper says, the majority of Vanuatu's population will not be immunised until 2023.

Government budget figures for the vaccine rollout forecast approximately 60,000 people being inoculated in 2021, just under 97,000 in 2022, and 161,000 in 2023.