Vanuatu Police urge parents to be aware of children’s whereabouts

Parents and guardians have been urged to always be aware of their children’s whereabouts and also ensure they do not engage in negative behaviors such as consumption of alcohol and drugs.

The Vanuatu Police Force released a statement following a search conducted at the Fatumauru Bay in Port Vila on Friday night last week.

Police officers conducted the search and caught several school students under the influence of alcohol.

VPF stressed that parents as caretakers must be attentive.

“A lot of activities happen during weekends. The safety of everyone is paramount. Parents and guardians should be checking on the whereabouts of their children,” VPF stated.

As part of the back to school daily school program, police officers have been seen on the street at some schools ensuring children get off vehicles and cross the road safely, ensure students who do not comb their hair do so and tuck their uniform shirts before attending class.