Archery on target for the games

The Vanuatu Archery team has made it through six months of training in China, making sure each athlete has reached their very best potential to achieve the goal of making their country proud at the upcoming Vanuatu Pacific Mini Games.

In the Team Vanuatu, there are Nine athletes – three women and six men – who will be competing in two categories within the sport which are Recurve and Compound.

Tupenu a show of Tongan pride

RNZ reports the rules state that athletes are meant to shoot in shorts but the 18 year old said he wanted to do something different to showcase his heritage and the judges agreed to the request.

"It gives you a bit of a boost to know, to actually feel the tradition and the culture. The last couple of days I was thinking of it and I tried it on and I shot fine in it with the wind but it was mainly just to show how proud we are to be Tongan, the team in general...there's a line called "Tongan Pride" had to show some of my culture, some of what we actually have in Tonga."