Cabinet reshuffle

Australia PM shifts rape-accused minister in cabinet reshuffle

Christian Porter will no longer be attorney general but will remain in cabinet in a new portfolio.

Mr Porter has strongly rejected an allegation that he raped a girl in 1988 when he was 17.

Mr Morrison promoted several female lawmakers as part of a broader cabinet reshuffle on Monday.

The prime minister has faced intense pressure in recent weeks to respond to a series of rape, misconduct and sexism allegations which have rocked Australian politics.

Vanuatu political rollercoaster continues with cabinet reshuffle

In the latest developments Charlot Salwai reshuffled his cabinet, effectively removing Vanuaku Party MPs from his inner circle.

The move came just a day after the opposition leader Ishmael Kalsakau withdrew the sixth motion of no confidence brought against Mr Salwai since he took office in 2016.

According to the prime minister's staff, Vanua'aku Party MPs, who represent a large portion of the coalition government, used the motion to try and pressure the prime minister into giving them more ministerial portfolios.

Vanuatu PM reshuffles cabinet amid removal fears

Two of Mr Salwai's ministers, Jotham Napat and Matai Seremaiah, were sacked last week, apparently because of fears about their growing strength within the coalition government.

Santo MP Hosea Nevu has been appointed the new agriculture minister and Christophe Emelee is the new infrastructure minister.

Don Ken has been handed the justice portfolio.

The move gives Mr Salwai the backing of 35 MPs, and gives him enough support to survive any opposition motion - unless there are defections.


Two Zimbabwe ministers fired after two days

Critics said the original line-up showed Mr Mnangagwa had no plans to bring real change to the country despite hailing a "new democracy".

The education and labour ministers have now been replaced, ostensibly to comply with a constitutional provision.

But military chiefs remain in charge of the foreign affairs and land portfolios.

Ten days ago Mr Mnangagwa returned from exile following the military coup against Robert Mugabe, promising to serve all citizens equally.