Chinese fishing vessel

Chinese vessels detained by Vanuatu, accused of fishing illegally

This is the first time that Chinese vessels have been accused of illegal fishing activities in Vanuatu’s territory, but their confinement comes just a month after Palau detained a Chinese-flagged vessel reportedly illegally harvesting sea cucumber, or beche-de-mer, in the western Pacific state’s territorial waters.

The Dong Gang Xing 13 and Dong Gang Xing 16 were fishing in Vanuatu’s northern waters near the remote Torres islands, authorities alleged.

Frozen shark find in Chinese ship in sanctuary alarms Tahiti group

In the letter, the Mao Mana Foundation asked for clarification after the French High Commission reacted to the incident by saying no foreign ship was engaged in fishing activities in French Polynesia's waters.

French Polynesia was the world's largest shark sanctuary and by law it was forbidden to possess or transport protected species, be they dead or alive.

All crew safe but fate of burnt fishing boat unknown

The Director of the Fiji Maritime Surveillance Rescue Co-ordination Centre, Sairusi Colati, said all 18 crew members from the vessel were now safe.

Fouteen crew aboard the Jin Xiang 6 were saved by their sister ship on Saturday morning, 400 nautical miles west of Tuvalu, Mr Colati said.

Four others, who abandoned ship, were found by New Zealand's P3 Orion aircraft, he said.

Crew abandon burning Chinese fishing vessel

A New Zealand Defence Force Orion located the vessel about 400 nautical miles west of Tuvalu earlier Friday.

The Orion dropped communications equipment, fresh water and lights to the crew of the Jin Xiang 6.

Now the Fiji Maritime Surveillance Rescue has reported there are 16 crew with the vessel and that life boats are in the water, as the vessel takes on seawater.

Fiji is connecting with nearby resources to help the crew.


Photo: New Zealand Defence Force



Questions over Chinese fishing vessel aground in Marshalls

The Ou Ya Leng No.6, with 24 crew, ran aground at uninhabited Taka Atoll in the northern Marshalls on Thursday.

The crew were rescued by the Marshall Islands Sea Patrol's Lomor patrol boat and a Chinese fishing vessel.

The Marshalls' Chief Secretary Ben Graham said a representative of the vessel's owner is expected in Majuro this Friday and the government expects to learn what they plan to do about the vessel.