International Solar Alliance

Vanuatu reassures commitment to International Solar Alliance

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai informed the first ever meeting of the alliance in New Delhi that Vanuatu signed ISA on November 2016 at the margin of COP 22 in Marrakesh.

He said Vanuatu is committed to ratifying the ISA agreement this year 2018 at the next parliamentary session.

"Mr Chairman, in a region so diverse as ours, our challenges are many and often similar in nature. Vanuatu's electrification rate stands at just over 33% with renewable energy generation less than 20% on average.”

Fiji and Tuvalu join International Solar Alliance

The International Solar Alliance was launched by India in late 2015 and has about 40 countries as members.

The Alliance's aim is to undertake innovative efforts to develop solar power technology at a reduced cost.

India's government said the Alliance is seeking investment to promote energy security and access for its members.

Any country located between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn is eligible to join the Alliance.

Vanuatu is also a member.



Photo: AFP