Multiple land offers for Ambae's volcano evacuees

The Manaro Voui crater on Mount Lombenben which began erupting in September last year, prompting a short term evacuation, intensified last month, forcing the government to announce a state of emergency.

The minister, Andrew Napuat, said Ambae's population of about 11,000 people were being encouraged to leave the island voluntarily.

A request for land for the islanders had prompted a good response from neighbouring islands, like Santo, Maewo and Pentecost, Mr Napuat said.

Vanuatu MP issued with restraining order over land dispute

Sanma MP Uri Warawara was issued the warrant by the Supreme Court for his alleged involvement in threats against the owners, clients and staff of Freshwater Plantation on Aore.

The Daily Post reported the dispute was over a coastal landing area at St Michel, in Luganville.

The court said Mr Warawara and his family have harassed people travelling on water, which is defined as public land, to reach the plantation.