maritime boundaries

Maritime boundaries: Vanuatu to learn from Timor

Timor Leste signed a treaty with Australia this year resolving a long-standing boundary dispute.

Vanuatu's Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and Timor's chief negotiator on maritime boundaries, Xanana Gusmao, met this week in Port Vila.

A government statement said Mr Salwai wants Vanuatu to learn from Mr Gusmao, who mentioned Vanuatu's support for his country's fight for independence.

Mr Gusmao suggested Vanuatu raise the issue of maritime boundaries at the United Nations.

Vanuatu held talks this year with France over the Matthew and Hunter islands.

Australia and Pacific Islands cooperate to update maritime boundaries in world’s largest ocean

Pacific Island countries have limited land areas but vast space entitlements in the Pacific Ocean, leading Pacific leaders to coin the phrase “Large Ocean Island States”.

Delimiting maritime zones is an important process for countries to secure their rights over ocean space and marine resources, including fisheries and seabed minerals.