Ministry of Education

Digicel provides free access to Education Ministry’s website with online educational resources

Following the ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) worldwide outbreak, the MoET has requested schools across the country to prepare home schooling packages. Those packages will be made available online on the MoET website to support learning for all grade levels including early childhood. The information is designed to provide families a better understanding of how children learn and provides practical activities families can use each day at home.

Vanuatu govt to reprint home schooling material in Bislama

Bislama is spoken nation-wide in Vanuatu, while English or French are more common in different parts, though all three are recognised officially.

Early childhood administration officer Dorine Lessy said the materials will be reprinted after parents said they were experiencing difficulty with the English and French materials.

"So now the ministry already prepared the Bislama version to help the parents who are speaking English or French to monitor their children or child at home."

Dorine Lessy said nation-wide distribution should begin next month.


Teachers back at work in PNG

The Education Minister, Joseph Yopyyopy said the teachers were required to begin preparing for classes.

He said the four weeks lost from term one, when the country first took measures to combat Covid-19, would be retrieved by adding an extra period to classes.

Schools should have recovered the lost time by term three, the minister added.

Meanwhile universities and other tertiary institutions are expected to resume their teaching today.


Vanuatu Education Ministry creates dedicated pages on TC Harold and COVID-19 on its website

Thus, the MoET developed dedicated webpages for COVID-19 and TC Harold on the MoET website.

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, usually called COVID-19, now threatening the people of Vanuatu, the MoET has established a Technical Working Group to plan the continuity of education in Vanuatu. The MoET worked hard since March 2020 to develop and implement a contingency plan in order to maintain access, quality and management in education across the country.

Vanuatu Education Ministry launches free hotline following COVID-19 and TC Harold


The toll-free number is accessible from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm for both Vodafone and Digicel customers across the country.

The MoET is encouraging principals to report damages caused by the TC Harold on school facilities as well as support parents and communities with home schooling. This hotline gives a wider range of support and assessment to the MoET. Thus, people are encouraged to call 160 for free from any landline or mobile phone to report or ask questions linked with COVID-19 or TC Harold. 

Ministry of Education advisory coronavirus COVID-19

Wetem current situesen blong sik corona virus (COVID-19) we Wol Helt Orkanisesen (WHO) hemi talemaot se hemi wan sik we hemi stap spred go long fulap kaontri long wol mo hemi afektem bigwan olketa man, woman mo pikinini long ol diffren kaontri ia, Ministri blo Educaiton mo Training (MoET) hemi stat blong karemaot olketa impoten disisen.

Vanuatu on track with curriculum reform

This follows more than eight years of perseverance by the Ministry of Education to harmonise the two school systems.

The two systems, which differed in many ways – from the language of instruction to the curriculum’s design and content – have been an immense challenge for the island nation since its independence.

There are 71 Anglophone (English-speaking) and 33 Francophone (French-speaking) schools in Vanuatu.

MOET gets behind Van2017 Champions Education Program

Under the MOU signed between the Ministry of Education and Van2017 Pacific Mini Games, the ministry will assist the Van2017 outreach program, which is called the “Champions Program” targeting primary schools around the country.

The Champions Program driven by the Mascot of the Games, Nasi the Nasiviru, the loveable bird and friend of children, will be delivered through a 25-week programme with the distribution of 30,000 booklets and dice, posters and lessons plans to school children in over 400 primary schools across the six Provinces.

Education shocker

Dr Mahendra Reddy warned that teachers would be demoted to clerks within the ministry if they became a liability to the school system.

There are more than 8000 teachers around the country.

In an interview, Dr Reddy said the underperforming teachers had Monday sick leaves, affairs with students, did not cover classes and were behind schedule.

He gave an example of how some schools were way ahead in terms of the curriculum coverage.