Vanuatu Mobile Force

Vanuatu Mobile Force engages 70 officers in shooting exercise

The shooting exercise was aimed to see how the officers handle the weapons and how competent they would be in different situations and to find the best marksman.

The officer in charge at the training, Lieutenant Tekol Masteia, explained that these activities are conducted following directives of the Acting Commander VMF.

The officers shot targets from 200m, 100m and 50m and it continued until dark.

Lt. Masteia said it was the first time for some of the officers to shoot at night.

Pacific Angel 18-3 is underway in Vanuatu

PAC ANGEL Vanuatu, the second of four humanitarian assistance engagements taking place in 2018, brings together medical and civil engineering personnel from multinational partner nations to provide healthcare and structural assistance for the residents of Luganville, Espiritu Santo Island and Tanna Island, Vanuatu.

44 Vanuatu Mobile Force officers retire

There was a special farewell ceremony for the retiring officers at the Cook Barracks Friday.

Local reports said the Commander of VMF, Colonel Robson Iavro, thanked the officers for their dedication and countless contribution towards the growth of VMF.

“We are here to honour and to bid farewell to the pioneers of this great institution. Today we bid farewell to some of us who had serve this organisation since its inception,” Col Iavro said.

One of the departing members Lt Col Terry Tulangi has served before the establishment of the Vanuatu Mobile Force.

China equips Vanuatu Mobile Force

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai says with the equipment the Vanuatu Mobile Force will continue to mobilize its operation more effectively.

“I am adamant that the vehicles will assist the force to effectively discharge their duties as well as enable them support the National Disaster Management office in times of natural disaster something that was not effectively as witness TC Pam struck,” he said.  

Salwai called on those who will be charged with the use and management of these assets to do so with pride and ensure that they are used for the intended purpose.

Police Force loses a "talented and outstanding" member

Late George Kalran, known as the face of the Vanuatu Mobile Force brass band during Independence celebrations for the ‘Makarena dance’, passed away around midday yesterday.

He joined the Force via Direct Entry in February 1, 1994 and served with the Band Platoon.

After joining the Force in 1994, late Kalran became the Band’s Man and served as a private for six years.